о фестивале магия гитары

Festival “the Magic Guitar” is a unique phenomenon in the musical life of St. Petersburg!

During the week, our city will perform world-famous stars of classical guitar from France, Croatia, Australia and Russia. Some of the artists will speak before the St. Petersburg audience for the first time.

The program of the festival concerts is very diverse and will be interesting not only to lovers of this fine instrument, but those who are still not familiar with the sound of the classical guitar in the hands of true masters! Moreover, the program is structured in such a way that at each concert the audience has the opportunity to hear completely different artists with a strong personality. And at the opening of the festival will be a gala concert, which will involve all the guest artists!

Also in the festival international guitar competition, which attracts the best young guitarists in Russia and Europe.

The festival is dedicated to the memory of outstanding Petersburg guitar teacher Alexei Horev, one of the pillars of the Russian guitar school.

We invite You to get in touch with the magic sound of the classical guitar, and to receive new unforgettable impressions!

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